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Things worth reading: 13th March 2009

Things we're reading today include …





In particular, two stand-outs today are:

eBay Analyst Day: PayPal World Domination (Payments News)

This is an excellent and in-depth analysis by Erin McCune of Payments News.  Erin attended eBay's briefing on PayPal this week, and details the latest on PayPal's strategy and results. 

And this one from the Huffington Post:

Citigroup Enters Union Fray With Anti-EFCA Call

"Embattled financial giant Citigroup Inc., which has received at least $50 billion in federal bailout funds, hosted a private conference call on Wednesday to build opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act.

"The call, which came just one day after the labor-backed legislation was introduced in Congress, suggests a growing effort on Citi's behalf to spur concerns about the bill, which would make it easier for employees to organize."

Which sparked this blog title: "Citigroup Doesn't Support Workers, Despite Workers Supporting Its Survival".

Watch that space.

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