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We need weenies …

Just found the most fantastic website through the Ridiculant, called A/V Geeks

The site claims to hold over 22,000 films it has rescued from dustbins of schools in their educational vaults of 16mm archives, and there are many gems to be seen.

Looking for those related to banking, there's a few that might be useful, such as getting back to the basics of accounting:

"In order to manage a home efficiently, many a housewife keeps track of the family's money by keeping a household budget book … at the end of the month, she adds all the expenses together and subtracts them from the family's income.  By means of this simple form of book-keeping, the household knows how it stands financially, and can plan its spending and saving.  Fundamentally, the same plan is followed by all business oragnisations, large and small."

I'm sure that 'many a housewife' does just that, as do many a househusband these days and, boy, could my bank learn something from that video.

Meanwhile, this one on fraud shows that times haven't changed in over half a century:

Or maybe times have changed as I don't think we would use the line: "Mail fraud costs the American public millions a year, despite efforts of US Post Office Inspectors to protect the sucker from himself" today.

Equally pertinent to current times is this debate about capitalism, featuring the immortal line: "We needed weenies. Mr. Brown had weenies. It's as simple as that."


I think we should put a warning on those weenies to protect the sucker from himself. 

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