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If you thought 140 characters tough, try 12 seconds

As you guys know, I’ve been blogging and writing a lot about Twitter … there’s two articles about them in today’s ‘things worth reading’ already.

Yes, I’m a bit of a fan of microblogging, althought it’s obviously a challenge for folks like me to write anything in less than 140 characters … unlike Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry who often talk about nothing.

There are also some great entries as listed in Mashable’s , list of the ten most extraordinary Twitter updates including “I would like to ask for your hand in marriage” and “arrested”.

Now, for those who truly enjoy the challenge of writing about themselves in 140 characters or less comes the YouTube of Twitter: 12 seconds.

You have 12 seconds to record a video of what you’re doing or thinking.

And LG, one of the mobile pioneers, has already launched a competition for 12omercials: create your advert about LG’s Versa cellphone in 12 seconds or less and the winning entrant gets a trip to Vegas.


What’s next? 

Banks offering 12 second loan and mortgage applications?

Oh shoot, we’ve already done that one.

BTW, for those who think Twitter’s a fad, try Flutter:

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  • Ah, I’m always glad to see a company utilizing social media to interact with their customers. I’m also a big fan of 12seconds, so that’s what caught my eye. I’d really like to see more companies trying to adopt an idea like this!