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More fake twitterers in banking

I was going to write a long post about the latest goings-on in this year's social network bandwagon, Twitter, but I've already done this a few times, and Christophe Langlois at Visible-Banking along with Bank Innovation give plenty more background on Twitter in banking if you're interested.  

I do have more to add but, for the moment, thought I'd take the route of finding fake banking twitterers, as it's far more fun.

This was sparked by John Soden III and Nat_West, but there are plenty of other fake twitterers out there such as:

Sir Fred Goodwin

Alistair Darling


Ben Bernanke


Richard Fuld


And, of course, Bernie Madoff


Mind you, are we sure they're fake?

Meanwhile, here are the Top 10 Real UK "Personalities" on Twitter, according to Kevin Dixie at the Daily Dust:

  1. Coldplay: 540,812 followers
  2. Gordon Brown’s Office: 424,778 followers
  3. Stephen Fry: 417,508 followers
  4. Russell Brand: 220,664 followers
  5. Jonathan Ross: 208,613 followers
  6. Imogen Heap: 159,569 followers
  7. Richard Bacon: 152,362
  8. Lily Allen: 143,371 followers
  9. Phillip Schofield: 141,680 followers
  10. John Cleese: 140,160 followers

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