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Who needs traders … get a rat

Rat traders is a new service which describes itself as follows:

“Our program is a
professional service to the financial industry; rats are being trained
to become superior traders in the financial markets. Using our own
methodology in accordance with well-established animal training
techniques, our subjects learn to recognize pattens in historical stock
and futures data as well as generating trading signals. We provide
solutions for tick based trading data and day based data. RATTRADERS
rats can be trained exclusively for any financial market segment. They
outperform most human traders and represent a much more economic
solution for your trading desk.

How does it work?

Well, the stock tickers are converted into sound with the pitch moving in real-time with the movement of FX and stock prices.  The sound goes up if the stock or FX price concerned goes up, and the sound goes down if the price goes down.

Each rat is then trained to listen to the tick data of their specific market discipline and, after a three-month induction program, they then get started in live trading.

Top rats are then selected for specific breeding in their investment areas to create real ratty experts.  As the website states: We are continuously crossing the best trading rats
with each other in order to breed specialists in various markets for
our clients. The second generation of
top traders ususally shows a much better performance compared to their

I know where I’m sticking my money …

Hattip to the Ridiculant

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