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iPhone’s BIG NEWS: micro-payments

A nice news report on Pocket Gamer's website, that says iPhone's developers are getting all excited about micro-payments, a new feature in the new iPhone 3.0 software:

"Right now, the only way to charge someone
for your iPhone game is through a standard App Store purchase. You get
your money up front, but you can't then charge players anything else.

changing with iPhone 3.0. And while you might wonder if this is just an
excuse to get iPhone gamers to dip into their wallets even more often,
it's actually a hugely positive thing for several reasons.

content, virtual items, subscription billing and fast-track social
advancement are some of them.

It is all about gaming, but I love the idea of playing Epic Pet Wars and being able to suddenly bring out a mega-baton-beating weapon for my dawg, such as a cut-throat razor-blade chainsaw dog collar that I happened to just buy for $0.002 which could then blow the whole motherfunking place apart …

… sorry, got a bit carried away there.

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