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Social media has changed society

I recently posted about how social media is changing our world, and Bill Jones commented:

question is whether they change behaviour temporarily or permanently.
The evidence is that behaviour (individual or group) is changed

Well, here's some evidence that it is changing permanently.

The Iranian elections are taking place today and CNN ran this report:

It highlights that the leading contenders are using Facebook and more to reach out to voters, with key election websites including Emtedade Mehr and Campaign88.

In other words, as with the US elections last year, many countries now find that Facebook, Twitter and other tools are key to communicating with voters and, equally, for banks to engage with customers therefore.

More on this at our Club meeting next Tuesday, where:

• Christophe Langlois, Visible-Banking
• Matteo Rizzi, Creator of SWIFTcommunity.net
• David Birch, Digital Money 

• James Gardner, Banker Vision 

• Simon Deane-Johns, Pragmatist
• Bruce Davis, Oikonomics

debate the future of social media and its relevance to financial services.

If you want to come please register at: Member or Non-Member.

Meantime, for those who like Facebook and other social networking tools, you must watch this video clip (be aware, this is very funny but some language could be viewed as offensive in an open office environment):

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