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The Top Ten of Everything

One of the most popular pages on the Finanser is the Top 10 Banks of 2009 list, so I thought I would add to it with the Top Ten of Everything!

This is a wee website that has things like the Top Ten Finance Apps for your iPhone

1. Mint
2. iExpenseit
3. Save Benjis
4. iBearMoney
5. Bloomberg Money
6. PayPal
7. Check Please!
8. Bank of America
9. Chase
10. ATM Hunter

Then there's the Top Ten Ways Tim Geithner Will Fire Bank CEO's

1. Well, actually, before he does any firing, he has to talk Larry Summers, and get approval for the plan
2. Have one of his staff do the deed … Oops!
3. Hires Rick Santelli to browbeat them, yelling and screaming, until they run out the door
4. Gets Rush Limbaugh to take them out of town with him
5. Beats them to within an inch of death with a giant bailout check
6. Rounds'em all up and ships them to Sweden
7. Label them as Toxic Assets so they will move in the upcoming auctions
8. Use them as Human Shields, when Obama goes to speak at Notre Dame
9. Put them through the Obama Team Vetting process – They'll quit after
months of frustration, waiting …and waiting …and waiting
10. Throws'em in Debtors Prison

But my favourite has to be the Top Ten Fake Excuses For Work:

1. I had to take my cat to the dentist.

2. I dreamt that I had been fired, so I didn’t bother to get out of bed.
3. I couldn’t find the right tie, so I had to wait for the shops to open to buy one.

4. I saw that you weren’t in the office, so I went out looking for you.

5. I got all the way to the office and realised I was still in my pajamas and had to go home to change.

6. I got run over by a goat.

7. My son tried to flush our ferret down the toilet and I needed to tend to it.

8. I stopped for a muffin, the shop was robbed and the police required everyone to stay for questioning.

9. A bee flew in my car and attacked me and I had to pull over.
10. I ran over a goat.

Even more amusing is the website 11 Points (because Top 10 lists are for cowards) who list 11 unintentionally hilarious website domains.  I won't repeat them all here but how "American Scrap Metal" became "Americans Crap Metal", I'll never know.

p.s. also see the Top 10 CEO Salaries of 2008

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