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Things worth reading: 15th July 2009

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read:
Did Twitter bury "Bruno"? (econsultancy)

"While critical reviews, cast quality and trailer anticipation
normally have the most influence leading into opening weekend, it takes
a few days or weeks before audience opinion normally sets in. But
according to Time, word got around pretty fast this weekend:

'Bruno's box-office decline from Friday to Saturday indicates
that the film's brand of outrage was not the sort to please most
moviegoers — and that their tut-tutting got around fast. Bruno could be the first movie defeated by the Twitter effect.'

"On Friday night, 'Bruno' brought in $14.4 million. But on Saturday,
it earned only $8.8 million. Meanwhile, the next five top earners — 'Ice Age 3', 'Transformers 2', 'Public Enemies', 'The Proposal' and 'The Hangover' — saw large revenue increases from Friday to Saturday."

Key industry headlines …


What you don’t know about M-PESA (CGAP)
Prosper's SEC Registration Declared Effective (Prosper press release)
A.I.G. Seeks U.S. Support for Bonuses (New York Times)
Goldman Sachs staff set for record pay (Financial Times)
£4.1bn bonus bonanza for bank staff (Independent)


EU mulls fining banks for risky bonus policy
Eurozone output rise weaker than expected
(Financial Times)
Darling calls in bank chiefs  (Telegraph)
Pound at risk from state of UK public finances, says UBS (Telegraph)
US launches credit derivatives probe (Times)
China's Emerging Financial Markets: Challenges and Global Impact


Bank rescues 'wrong thing to do' (BBC)
When Shopping for a Bank – Consumers Value Brand Image Highest (Payments News)

Quote of the Day:
"The difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector is that the taxidermist takes only your skin."  Mark Twain



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