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Cloud computing in banks

Just as one survey finishes, another one starts. This one is all about cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a hot topic all around, as I recently blogged, and is often on the agenda at conferences. For example, I recently received an email from Temenos saying that bankers aren’t getting into the cloud because they are concerned about security and potential risks of a technology they view as immature, even though they accept its potential for cost savings.

According to the Temenos survey, 44% of bank executives see the lack of data security as a significant barrier to the adoption of cloud computing. Only 15% are running cloud applications today, which reflects a lack of maturity and confidence in cloud computing; and 80% could not name a leader of cloud computing in the banking sector.

Their survey was performed at a conference of C-level executives and IT managers in May, with the majority of respondents working for mid-market banks (assets of between $10-$250 billion).

The thing banks don’t get is that you can run private clouds; they don’t have to be in public domain.

So why aren’t there more of those around the City?

According to Thomas M. Kilroy, vice president and general manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, it is because banks “buy into the economics and flexibility of cloud computing” but “are tired of the usual pitches on cloud.”

Mmmm … the usual pitches?

What’s the reality?

To find out, the Financial Services Club is running another brief survey about Cloud Computing: the reality.

This is a really short survey and we appreciate your time if you help.

Why join in?

First, you will all get a copy of any results of the research. Second, three lucky (or unlucky?) people will win a copy of any of my books, with one person receiving a free membership of the Financial Services Club for a year.

So that’s worth your time surely?

Click here to take the survey.

Meanwhile, the
Financial Services Club's SEPA and PSD Survey is closing this week.  You
still have time to take part in that one by clicking here.


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