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Things worth reading: 22nd August 2009

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read

"There are few in the battered world of banking and finance who still
profess to be 'a fan' of Sir Fred Goodwin, the discredited former Royal
Bank of Scotland chief. Not out loud, anyway.  Benny Higgins can afford to be. Over the past year, he has watched
his former employers, RBS and HBOS, struggle for survival from the
comfort of Tesco Personal Finance."

Business big shot: Benny Higgins, Tesco Personal Finance 


Return of $9bn Lehman claims delayed 
(Financial Times)
My PayPal credit card beef, Part II: PayPal responds 
Pace of HBOS decline 'unexpected' (BBC)
Spain’s BBVA acquires Guaranty 
(Financial Times)


Eurozone economic recovery leaves UK trailing 
Fed's Ben Bernanke says global economy 'beginning to emerge' from recession (Telegraph)
World Bankers Suggest Rebound May Be Under Way (New York Times)


City regulator 'spot-checking' bankers' pay deals 
Wall Street ponders pay czar's move on bonuses
(China People's Daily)


The Top 10 Things We're Glad the Recession Killed 
Photos: Social media facts businesses cannot ignore (Computer Weekly)

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