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Things worth reading: 28th September 2009

Things we're reading today include …


Today's must see:

Review of Michael Moore's new film 'Capitalism: A Love Story' in USA Today:
"This is quintessential Moore, with a clear-cut agenda: Capitalism has
superseded democracy, encouraged corruption and greed, and failed our


G20 Wrap-up

G20 agrees on time table for reforms (CNN)
Leaders of G-20 Vow to Reshape Global Economy (New York Times)
G20 promises: 'Overhyped and ineffective' (Independent)
G20 moves against bankers' pay and bonuses (Times)
Obama hails 'tough regulations' (BBC)
Alistair Darling acts on bank bonuses (Times)
Brown: Our bank bonus regulation will be toughest in the world  (Guardian)


Northern Rock 'should be mutual'  (BBC)
Santander takes pole as rivals languish in the pits  (Financial Times)
Barclays goes on a spree  (Times)
(Wells Fargo) The last bank left standing for small businesses  (CNN)


City hedge fund exodus begins  (Times)
Interview with Jean-Claude Trichet  (Corriere della Sera)
The Great Wall Embraces Wall Street  (Climate Biz)

General Interest

Banking on the Unbanked (MINT Blog)
Ants vs. worms: Computer security mimics nature (Net Security)


Quote of the Day

"I know lots of people in the City whose interests don't include
visiting Ferrari dealerships and dining at Michelin-starred

Patrick Vickers, a credit derivatives trader and a member of Fight Club
Where City suits strip off for some very brutal business  (Guardian)

Alex coming to the iPhone


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