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Things worth reading: 5th October 2009

Things we're reading today include:


Today's must read

“New malware being used by cybercrooks does more than let hackers loot a
bank account; it hides evidence of a victim’s dwindling balance by
rewriting online bank statements on the fly.

New Malware Re-Writes Online Bank Statements to Cover Fraud 


How the government bailout saved our banks (Times)
Run nearly broke Royal Bank of Scotland (Times)
IMF sees EU banks losing over €400 bln by 2010 (Euractiv)
UK must not let 'zombie' banks drain the economy 
Crisis leaves G7 on its last legs 
(Financial Times)
Nigeria bails out four more banks (BBC)
US economic power 'is declining' (BBC)
Financial service sector could shed 60,000 jobs this year 


IMF Mulls a Global Bank Tax (Wall Street Journal)
Bank of England's Paul Tucker: banks should pay levy for cleaning up future crises 
Alistair Darling to weigh new tax on banks (Times)
German banks fear drive for higher capital ratios will trigger 'dramatic' contraction (Telegraph)
Investment banks set for bonus curb talks (Independent)
Ministers hit back at bankers over regulation (Financial Times)
UK to refund HSBC taxes after EU ruling(Telegraph)


What shape will the wireless Web take? (McKinsey)


Quote of the Day

“Is this a V recovery or a W?  It’s the latter.”
Michael Geoghegan, Chief Executive, HSBC
 HSBC chief fears a second downturn
(Financial Times)


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