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The Return of Goodwin

Just found this great online game called Fat Cat Cash Back, based upon the escapades of Fred Goodwin.

Fat Cat Cash Back

Yes, we all know that Fred is old news now but it’s an old game released way back in March.  Shame I only just found it as it’s good fun.

The idea is to Shred the Fred of his pension by clicking on the pound notes as they appear around his office.  I only managed £52,000 but this month’s high scorer Jimmy managed a whopping £12.7 million. 

Well done Jimmy, and welcome back Sir Fred (in case you didn’t know he’s back, undergoing Reputation Rehab).

Oh yes, and I did think of titling this blog entry: Dah, Dah, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! The Return of Goodwin!!!!!! but that would have been a bit childish.

Nevertheless, the article is a good reminder of what an ego can achieve:

Despite his reputation as a costcutter-Sir Fred pampered himself to a degree that would make an African dictator proud.

As well as executive chefs and sommeliers dancing attendance, a
luxury executive jet was on permanent standby. The £47 million Falcon
was capable of flying higher and faster than a 747.

He also reputedly tried to have his own private road built
from the HQ to Edinburgh airport, so he could be spared the traffic
encountered by ‘ordinary’ motorists on their way to catch a flight.

Even more astonishingly, he was accused by a government
minister of hiring a lackey to ensure the cash machine at Gogarburn
dispensed only notes bearing Sir Fred’s signature.

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