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Mashup technologies in real-world banking

For quite a while, I've been trying to find some real-world examples of mashup technologies in banking.  I use these services extensively in other areas of my life – on this blog (the widget for search for example), my Facebook account (feeds and videos), my Twitter account and more.

However, I've never found a bank that is using these technologies in the real-world.

I have found some examples internally for services, and in some corporate to bank services but real-world with consumers?  No, although I suspect there are a few out there such as BBVA.

But I have found an IT provider who gave me a great example as to how this might work.

Here is their mashup mockup.

OK, imagine you're looking through your bank statement online and you spot a dodgy transaction (double-click the image to enlarge) …

Mashup Mockup1

Mmmm … don't like the look of that cash transaction at an ATM, let's have a look at my last few card transactions.

Mashup Mockup

Here's the real reason I'm posting this.  Now we see the card transactions integrated with Google Maps, context based advertising and other services to make the card experience part of a mashup of my web experience.

In this case, I can now click to check that ATM transaction using Google maps:

Mashup Mockup2 

and remind myself as to whether I was really there or not.

Love it!

And thanks to Toni Plana for the screenshots.


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