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The wonders of Google

I love Google's predictive texting, which often finishes my search idea before I get to the end of typing. 

It's also quite informative about what's on people's minds.

For example, as you start typing: "why do bank", you get a list of the most popular things people are asking about banks:

Why do banks 

Why do banks exist? charge interest? need guarantors? 

All good questions, although the most popular one here is: why do banks fail?  Very topical.

Or try "why are bank":

Why are banks
and again, it's very topical: why are banks not lending? not lending money? still not lending? and, again, the most popular question: why are banks special?

Sounds like the general public are wondering why banks are too big to fail.

A good question.

The thing is, you find general searches are rather more telling.  For example, "what do" comes up with:

What do 

Fascinating that the top three searches that start with this are: "What do I want to do with my life?", "What do I do with my life?" and "What do I want for Christmas?"


Sorry.  A Homer Simpson moment.

But y'know what, there are some real strange things going on with Google lately.

For example, when typing "why do":

Why do 

How come the first question is: "Why do men have nipples?"

It's a good question, but it wasn't the obvious one I thought of when typing "Why do".

Or try "is it wrong" …

Is it wrong

… mmmm, there's something about that cousin isn't there?

Or try "why is there":

Why is there 

"Why is there a dead pakistani on my couch"?!?!?!


Are we in Google UK-land the weirdest searchers in the world or what?

Ah well, have fun trying a few yourself. 

This was certainly very, very illuminating (and inspired by Graham Norton).

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