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Things worth reading: 23rd December 2009

Things we're reading today include …


Today's must read:

10 Big Ideas for 2010 – US Banker

  • Back to Basics: Putting the Consumer First
  • New Pathways to Capital 
  • Principal Reductions Make Better Loan Mods
  • Intelligent Limits on Overdrafts 
  • Mobile's Moment Finally Arrives
  • A Perfect Time to Reinvigorate the SBA 
  • Rules and Regs Are Throttling M&A 
  • Sticky Solution: Online Personal Financial Management
  • Recovery Key: A Better Way to Unwind TBTF 
  • Trading Derivatives on an Exchange

Bank charges challenge is droppedBBC
Spotlight on credit search systemBBC
Russia's richest man sets up oligarch's bankThe Telegraph
CBOE chief plots the path to changeFinancial Times
Financial reform is flawed, says CBOE chiefFinancial Times
Could bank charges be good for customers?The Telegraph
Who will be next year's most hated? The Telegraph
UK stays in recession as output shrinks by 0.2%The Times
Charles Goodhart warns of return to recession as bank lending fallsThe Telegraph
Will the U.S. Repeat the Great Mistake of 1937? – Daily Finance
IBM forecasts the next 5 big ideas for the next 5 years – Gizmag 

*Quote of the Day:

"Gambling promises the poor what property performs for the rich – something for nothing."
George Bernard Shaw


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