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Malta, sponsored by HSBC

Just back from Malta for a brief trip, and was particularly taken with the fact that the country appears to be sponsored by HSBC.

Not just the airport, a hotel or a football stadium, but the whole country.

Where did this impression come from?

Well, from the moment of arrival when you are welcomed by a massive “HSBC welcomes you to Malta” sign and self-service lobby.

HSBC arrival

Upon arrival at the hotel, the HSBC sponsored guide to Malta’s Heritage is the first thing left out visibly on the desk of my room.

HSBC Malta

Opposite the hotel is an HSBC ATM and branch …

HSBC Branch 

… and every other ad in the newspapers is for HSBC and every time I use my Chip & PIN Card I get a thank you from … HSBC.


Returning to the airport, I find yet more HSBC signage upon check-in as well as the usual gates, sponsored by … HSBC.

HSBC leaving Malta

So OK, Malta’s a small place – total population of only 400,000 – and so the bank’s beneficence in sponsoring the place is laudable … it just worried me a little when the latest Malta headlines are about newborn babies sponsored by, yes, you guessed it, HSBC.

Note: in the interests of full disclosure, not all of the images and material used is from Malta

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  • HSBC has ad rights in international airports around the world. As a global commercial bank, they are smartly and strategically targeting the global business traveler. They’ve been using this media strategy for years. Normally, I would do anything possible to talk a financial institution out of airport ads, but in HSBC’s case, it makes a lot of sense.

  • HSBC is all over the globe.Their aim to be the world’s leading financial services company, meaning preferred, admired and dynamic, and being recognized for giving the customer a fair deal. HSBC current business strategy is to build the long term growth and attractive services.They are focus on more emerging market and faster growing businesses. Malta is one of his example. Their focus is to gaining attention through mass media.

  • Chris Skinner

    @Jeffry @Amber
    Agree with both of your views and the idea of being at every airport you depart from and arrive at must be appealing for the “world’s local bank”.

  • The Maltese banking sector has strengthened and expanded considerably. Banks in Malta now include, Mediterranean Bank, Bank of Valletta, Credit Europe and many others. Service providers in Malta have also expanded and include major international networks, independent firms and boutique firms like http://www.capstonegroup.com.mt