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This year’s big thing: Augmented Reality

I’ve been noticing more and more apps for providing information about our environment.

Known as augmented reality – rather than artificial reality where you go into a completely fictitious world – the use of such services is increasing rapidly.

A good example is the SkyMap app on the Google Android mobile:

Simply holding up your mobile to the night sky gives you a view of all the constellations, all noted and indexed.

It is not a far cry from here to having everything noted and indexed, as demonstrated by this great little educational film form Rocket Boom:

This is where things get interesting as you could have all sorts of new bank apps, such as find your bank app – like the find the Tube app, but simply to find your nearest bank branch in a strange town.

Alternatively, and I don’t know if you caught it, but Holly mentions using facial
recognition on the iPhone augmented reality app to register the user.

So check your account app gives you a 3D view of your banking details … and also checks you out at the same time to ensure you are who you say you are … wonderful.

Oh yes, and within a few months, we’re sure to see all of this in your next pair of sunglasses (this gets interesting after about a minute):

Brilliant … if only we had some sun!

Postnote: and if you really want to get funky, howsabout this for your next laptop?

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