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Things worth reading: 15th February 2010

Things we're reading today include … 

Today's must read:

Goodbye, Hector. Gandalf, you’ve got the job – The Times

Wanted: clairvoyant superman/ woman with steel cojones and complete
understanding of derivatives. Must possess skin thicker than rubber and
excellent sad-yet-sorry face for public post-crash rituals of contrition,
otherwise known as “select committee hearings”. Britain needs a chief
financial regulator; Britain needs you.



Barclays bows to UK regulator's new rules on payThe Telegraph
Barclays profits soar to £11.2bn, but bonuses will be curbedThe Independent
Barclays to pay £2bn in bonusesBBC
Barclays, the Houdini bank The Telegraph

RBS and Lloyds
RBS and Lloyds to escape sanctionFinancial Times
RBS calls for lending target to be loweredThe Times
RBS bankers resign over forced bonus cutsThe Telegraph
Lloyds accused of distorting job market with 'inflated' pay and bonusesThe Telegraph
Lloyds boss Eric Daniels set for multi-million pound bonusThe Times
Lloyds moves to quell fears over executive earningsThe Independent

Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs: the Greek connectionThe Independent
We at Goldman Sachs recommend a luvvie tax The Telegraph

Chi-X to push for inclusion in exchanges' indices Financial Times
‘We’re going to be No 1,’ upstart rival warns LSEThe Times

City must pick up the bill for FSA's regulatory crackdownThe Independent
FSA's expanding universe is a bewildering black hole for cashThe Telegraph
FSA hits at private equity 'arrogance'Financial Times


Treasury will receive £1.5bn boost from bankers' taxThe Telegraph
Hundreds of ecomomists call for tax on currency speculationThe Independent
Blue chips threaten tax exodusThe Times


Can anyone fix the euro puzzle?The Telegraph
Chinese bank reserves increased BBC
Hank Paulson scorns Barack Obama's banking reformsThe Times


Quote of the Day:

"I predict this sort of thing will become more commonplace as the mobile
texting generation moves into positions of responsibility."

Comment from Renier, Sydney on the story: Chile mint boss pays the price of coin spelling howler – BBC

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