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Things worth reading: 12th February 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read:

"One of the most universally dreaded errands throughout American history
has been going to the bank. Synonymous with long lines, incompetent
employees and bureaucratic nightmares, banking in person is rarely
described as anything other than a necessary evil. Of course, face to
face banking has become less frequent during the last decade, due to
the rise of online banking … However, even the relatively recent innovations of online banking are quickly being surpassed by the next big thing — mobile banking."

The Future of Mobile Finance – Mint Blog


Barclays buys Citigroup's Italian credit card businessThe Telegraph
Credit Suisse sees annual profitBBC
Derivatives drive NYSE Euronext profitFinancial Times
Ex-Goldman employee indicted over software theftThe Times
Goldman Sachs faces 'Robin Hood tax' vote-rigging claimsThe Telegraph


Economic powers move closer to global bank tax The Telegraph
Bernanke sees end to bank boostBBC
End of cheques under MPs' reviewBBC


City bonuses soar despite super taxThe Independent
We're drinking our way out of recession, says DiageoThe Independent
FSA hits at private equity 'arrogance'Financial Times
Private banking chiefs scramble to AsiaFinancial Times


Quote of the day:

""The US treasury would be laughed out of town if it went to China or India today and told them they had to de-regulate."

Joseph Stiglitz, Economist – the Guardian

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