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Things worth reading: 19th February 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read:

Bank logins targeted by global botnet: 74,000 PCs compromised – Silicon
A botnet designed to steal logins for banking websites, social networks
and emails compromised more than 74,000 PCs across 2,500 organisations
worldwide over the last 18 months, a security firm said on Wednesday.



Averaged $345 Million in 2007, IRS Says
– Bloomberg


Barclays hits customers with huge overdraft fee
The Independent
RBS spends $500m on US office The Telegraph
AIG to retain $500bn of assets that almost caused it to
The Telegraph
JP Morgan suspends analyst after Asda ‘ruse’The Times
LSE finalises Turquoise dealFinancial


Bank warns lenders that support will be withdrawn
The Independent
Record fall in bank lending to business triggers new
concern over UK recovery
The Times
Taxpayers could be supporting fraudsters, Darling was
The Telegraph
Cost of banking in UK set to soar due to new
The Telegraph
Shock as British deficit equals that of GreeceThe Independent


Greece defends complex debt swap – BBC
Icelandic bailout exposed rift at the TreasuryThe Times
US bank lending falls at fastest rate in history
The Telegraph


10 most innovative financial websites
– Fast Company
Soars Under Intuit Ownership
– Net Banker
To Accept PayPal for Ads and Facebook Credits
– Payments News

Quote of the Day:

"21 milliseconds may seem like a tiny difference, and it probably
wouldn't save you in a Wild West dual because your brain takes around
200 milliseconds to respond to what your opponent is doing, but it could
mean the difference between life and death when you are trying to avoid
an oncoming bus."

Dr Andrew Welchman of the University of
Birmingham’s School of Psychology

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