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Things worth reading: 1st February 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read:

A proposal for genuine Financial Reform by Marshall Auerback, a US Strategist for RAB Capital plc and a Fellow with the Economists for Peace and Security – the Big Picture

The primary focus of bank reform should be on regulating the asset side
of the balance sheet. This is particularly important, inasmuch as the
FDIC has effectively guaranteed the main liabilities–the deposits. With
that in mind, many activities of the banks need to be banned, taxed
and/or substantially re-regulated.

How to Reform Our Financial System, by Paul Volcker – New York Times


Argentina's top banker resigns BBC
Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs 'expecting $100 million bonusThe Times
Hank Paulson blames FSA for Lehman failureThe Telegraph
Paulson repeats claim that Britain 'screwed' US over Lehman rescueThe Times


RBS is considering sale of flagship headquarters GogarburnThe Telegraph
HSBC in China bank bid The Telegraph
Santander’s profits increase 30% in UKThe Times
Barclays Capital defends Lehman dealFinancial Times
Database glitches hit Egg cards BBC


Political meddling seen as danger for banksFinancial Times
Political meddling seen as danger for banksFinancial Times
Bankers in favour of paying global feeFinancial Times
City of London loses 10% of senior staff in two yearsThe Times
FSA's Lord Turner signals crackdown on carry tradeThe Telegraph


Bankers besieged at World Economic Forum for role in global financial crisis – The Australian


Bank Account Fraud? There's an App for That – Smart Money


Quote of the Day:

“Any time a client trades with us, we try to match them
off against our natural internal flows. That way we
can minimize the trading footprint we leave in the

Paul Russo, Goldman’s head of U.S.
equities trading and co-head of global equity derivatives
Goldman Tops JPMorgan as Best Broker as Speed Shakes Up Trading – Bloomberg News


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