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Things worth reading: 22nd February 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read

Wall Street
Takes Break for Tiger Woods Apology
– Bloomberg

For a few minutes, Tiger Woods
bigger than Ben S. Bernanke.  The CHART OF THE DAY shows that a day after the Federal
Reserve chairman and his colleagues raised the rate charged to
banks for direct loans, investors took time out from trading to
watch Woods apologize for his marital infidelity and “repeated
irresponsible behavior.”

Tiger Woods 


Stephen Hester lines up £1.6m RBS bonusThe Times
RBS boss defuses row by agreeing to give up £1.6m bonus
The Independent
RBS and Lloyds bosses urged to decline bonusesThe Independent


Barnier visits City in bid to calm anger over EU
regulation plans
The Telegraph
Paulson sorry he blamed UK for Lehman failureThe Times
Lord Mandelson backs state investment bank plan
The Telegraph


Metro Bank: 'we'll put an end to stupid rules'The Telegraph
Metro board fills five seatsThe

BoCom seeks to raise $4bn in capitalFinancial Times
Northern Rock could buy RBS and Lloyds branchesThe Times


Our world balances on a sea of debt
The Telegraph
So where did all the money go?The Telegraph
Irish bank rescue plan 'lies in ruins'Financial Times
Eurozone lines up £22bn Greek aidThe Times
Crisis? Blame the baby-boomers, not the bankersThe Times


Tobin taxFinancial Times
Credit card rates 'unjustified'BBC


Quote of the Day:

"Do you build a bank for the one in 10,000
people who are going to rob you or to give a better experience to the
who come in every day?"

Vernon Hill, founder of about to be launched Metro Bank

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  • Shouldn’t Wall Street apologize for repeated irresponsible behavior?