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Things worth reading: 26th February 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Today's must read:

The world is living in a financial "fool's paradise", according to the
Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, who has called for radical
reform of the financial system and the break-up of big banks, as one of
the biggest, the majority state-owned RBS, announced losses of £3.6bn

Royal Bank of Scotland

RBS reports loss of £3.6bn The

RBS to pay £1.7bn in bonuses despite £3.6bn lossThe Times
Now RBS creates 100 millionaires (and you're paying for
The Independent
MPs blast 'ridiculous' pay in RBS bonus rowThe Times
RBS is losing some talented staff, but maybe it doesn't
matter too much
The Telegraph
RBS faces FSA complaints inquiryBBC
RBS sketch: Up pops Stephen Hester like some circus
The Telegraph


Bank of England chief Mervyn King calls for 'narrow
The Independent
Scottish financial sector 'to lose 12,000 jobs'The Telegraph
Fears grow that Britain may still be in recession
The Independent
Iceland walks out of £2.3bn debt repayment talksThe Times

Other news

Bankers still overpaid, boss saysBBC
Goldman Sachs faces Fed inquiry over Greek debtThe Telegraph
To Hell and back for the happy couple but at least they
still have each other
The Times
Not a banker in sight as the Queen takes a tour of the
City of London
The Times

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