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Things worth reading: 1st March 2010

Things we're reading today include …


Today's must read:

president needed the gravitas of the former Fed chairman to sell his
bank reform to Wall Street. But when the big banks didn't buy it, Obama
sold him out.

Obama Screwed Volcker
– The Daily Beast


Warren Buffett raps failed bank chiefsThe Times
Buffett says executives who manage risk badly should
Financial Times
Michel Barnier: the most dangerous man in Europe?
The Telegraph
HSBC and Standard Chartered bosses to give bonuses to
The Telegraph
BoA's investment bank chief earns table-topping $30m
The Telegraph
$73m BofA package for Lewis Financial


Lloyds slumps to £6.3bn loss as bad debts balloon
The Telegraph
A casino bank at Lloyds? It didn’t need oneThe Times
RBS fears £1bn loss from staff defectionsThe Telegraph
Analysis: RBS investment arm made more money than the
rest of the bank combined
The Telegraph
HSBC's £7bn profits to offer insight into Asian economy
The Telegraph
Cazenove partner: I tossed a coin to pick stocks
The Telegraph
UBS drops to third in table of biggest advisors to
FTSE100 companies
The Telegraph
AIG records $9bn quarterly loss BBC
Goldman Sachs: the bank they love to hateThe Times


Bank for International Settlements reports further
£235bn slide in global lending
The Telegraph
Analysis: Losing money was the bankers' target all
The Telegraph
California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP
Morgan chief
The Telegraph


Quote of the Day:

"US bankers were furious about attempts to reduce pay throughout the
industry, arguing that any such move smacked of socialism and would be
fiercely resisted."

US banks veto 'socialist pay' in secret talksThe Independent

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