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Things worth reading: 29th March 2010

Things we're reading today include …


Gulf sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed al-Nahyan missing after
plane crash
The Telegraph
Merrill tries to woo back staffThe Independent
Sir Fred Goodwin's banker Matthew Greenburgh quits the
The Telegraph
Bono’s out of tune with world of investmentThe Times


RBS backdates 'benefits' to boost staff payThe Telegraph
Barclays raids pensions to offset bonuses taxThe Telegraph
Eric Daniels set for £2.85m bonus if Lloyds shares hit
The Telegraph
Lloyds to begin search for new City HQFinancial Times
Lloyds draws up shortlist of candidates to replace
chief executive Eric Daniels
The Telegraph
Santander eyes Allied Irish Banks dealThe Times
Goldman back on top in M&A leagueThe Telegraph
Top-rated RBC targeting UK's private sectorFinancial Times


Euro strengthens on Greece dealBBC
Europe has a new leader: ‘Merkel the Mean’The Times
UK hedge funds gain from bets on sterlingFinancial Times
Accounting firms facing rise in negligence claims amid
credit crunch fallout
The Times


Britain should 'go it alone' and shake up banks, MPs
The Independent
Credibility of banking depends on radical reform, MPs
The Times
Politicians and financial experts team up to calculate
bankers' bonuses more accurately


FSA closes in on four City dealsThe Telegraph
FSA 'insider trading' charges expectedThe Telegraph
FSA needs convictions or it will be in the dockThe Times
US credit card hacker sentencedBBC

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