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The Finanser’s Week: 29th March – 4th April 2010

The biggest news stories of the week include …

And our biggest stories of the week are …

G20 regulations collapse in disharmony

Wall Street Journal reports this week that "U.S.
and European governments are moving toward a
consensus on taxing large banks"
.  However, in an exclusive report, the
Finanser has learnt that the G20 Finance Ministers' negotiations for a global
agreement on banking regulations disintegrated dramatically last night.

If identities are unique, why do I have so

It’s a question I’ve asked before, but is becoming even more
pertinent as I see new identity management programmes being rolled out
that are fragmented, uncoordinated and, in some ways, nonsensical. The point was brought home to me as I listened to a presentation from Finance Norway (FNO), a
trade organisation for 180 banks, insurance companies and other
financial institutions in Norway.

What does it mean if the Internet is your bank?

In this guest blog entry Brett King, blogger at Banking4Tomorrow
and author of the new book Bank 2.0, looks at what it means to live in an age
where the internet is THE bank …

In a
quick straw poll recently conducted via Linked In we had a set of
responses that confirms pretty much all the other data we are seeing in
relation to channel adoption and utilization. The key issue is that
despite the obvious data and conclusions, Internet is still seen as
either the poor cousin of Branch banking, a necessary ‘burden’ or
normally as a transaction channel for cost reduction – rather than what
it is today…a customer channel.

What if the internet is your bank … and you
can't access it?

After Brett's post the other day which posed the
question: "what if the internet is your bank?", I was quite amused just
now, as I loaded Citibank's homepage and nothing loaded. Nothing at all.

The bank in your hand

I just heard that Bank
Leumi in Israel have launched a range of mobile services for
finance, with the tagline: "the bank in your hand".  More like placing the whole bank branch in your hand and, to be
clear, avoid children getting hold of these apps as demonstrated in
their new ad …

Who remembers our flexible friend?

Just chatting with a chap over the phone to make an order for some
bathroom stuff, when he asks for my Visa or Access card details. Of
course he meant MasterCard not Access, and soon corrects himself apologising for
his age.  “Oh no, I remember our flexible friend well”, I say …

Why greed is infectious

You know the saying "Greed
is Good" and "Infectious Greed".  Science has now proven why it's
infectious …

MiFID MTF Monitor: March 2010

We are pleased to provide our third month of monitoring the MTF
performances in
European Equities trading, in partnership with Thomson Reuters Equity
Market Share Reporter (EMSR).


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