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The World of Me (Part Two)

Building on the World of Me post last week, I’ve just found out how powerful the tools are that are at our disposal today.

This week, I’m meant to be chairing a conference in Bahrain: MEFTEC


MEFTEC is now in its sixth year, and I’ve attended every year as a speaker or as chair.

Guess what?

Not there this week due to ash clouds from Iceland (that sounds like a new thing on the shopping list) …

Iceland ash

… so what can one do?

Their whole program is shot to pieces due to many of the speakers being ill or from outside the region, but the attendees are still coming as they are mainly flying in from around the Gulf region, or Asia and Africa.

Well, I went out and purchased a little HD Flip Video camera last week as those of you who read, and now watch, the summary of the week's entries know.

Now I didn’t do that for some vain glorious reason, but because it’s the only way I can get my presentation from London to Bahrain in a form that works.

So yesterday I sat and recorded the presentation using my $200 video recorder and today I edited it using my free download of Videopad software. Posted on Vimeo, where I opened an account for under $60 a year, and the conference gets a completely tailored video presentation of the keynote I would have given had I been able to make it.

What really amazes me is the ease with which I could record, edit and then distribute the video. Why that amazes me is that I used to make video recordings regularly as a marketing director ten years ago, and each video would cost a minimum $20,000 to film and edit professionally.

Today … it’s near enough free.

That’s why I’m regularly blogging about the world of me and what it means to banks, as banks still seem to struggle to get this one.

Meanwhile, my personalised video keynote is just another example of the world’s axis changing from centrally created goods being distributed to the masses, to the masses creating goods distributed to anyone who wants them.

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