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Things worth reading: 16th April 2010

Things we're reading today include …


Angry UBS shareholders vote to punish executives over
The Telegraph
Experian bemoans UK lending reluctanceFinancial Times
JPMorgan cheers US consumer recoveryFinancial Times
Morgan Stanley property fund faces record lossThe Telegraph
Goldman Sachs drawn into insider-trading caseThe Times
Former Merrill chairman Stan O'Neal claims attempts to
sell bank were blocked
The Telegraph


Britain enjoys advantage over euro weaklingsThe Times
Cash use 'depends on geography'BBC


EU's Barnier wants investments banks to pay lion's
share of any bank levy
The Telegraph
Leading City traders given legal aid to fight insider
dealing case
The Independent
Bank reforms would force creditors to take the
financial pain of a lender's collapse


All flights in Europe cancelled due to stormcloud from Iceland

This picture from Flight Radar shows the view:

Flight Radar

Q: why the "?" over France.
A: It's France and, just to prove it, their rail system is also down thanks to a strike.

A slightly insensitive tweet?


What's happy about this Friday for all the travellers stuck in the UK and outside, trying to get home?  Oh yes, if you've not heard, it's official.  The banking crisis started in Iceland.  It's obvious as their bankers are now burning the evidence and the ash is over here.  Did they not understand?  We said "send Cash"!

[Apparently the ash cloud is due to an eruption at a volcano based in the Icelandic region of Eyjafjallajoekull, a place so named after someone fell asleep on their keyboard]

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