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Things worth reading: 21st April 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Three headlines today relate to Goldman Sachs results, more on the implications of the Lehman Brothers collapse and recommendations for a new bank tax regime from the IMF

Goldman Sachs

Record profit for Goldman as it comes out fighting on
fraud charges
The Independent
Goldman Sachs: Surprise! The banks want to make money
The Telegraph
London trader suspended as FSA strikesThe Independent
SEC comes to aid of 'sophisticated investors'Financial Times
Goldman Sachs pulls ‘fraud’ banker’s licenceThe Times
Alistair Darling rejects calls to bar Goldman Sachs
from advising the Government
The Telegraph

Lehman Brothers

SEC 'could bring' charges over Lehman The Telegraph
SEC 'not a prudent regulator' before crisisThe Times
Geithner under fire over LehmanThe Independent
Dick Fuld: Lehman Brothers was ‘risk averse’The Times
Dick Fuld 'never knew about Lehman's controversial Repo
105 accounting practices'
The Telegraph

Bank Tax

IMF in 'radical' bank tax plansBBC
Leaked IMF document urges two new taxes for banks
The Times
IMF recommends double tax whammy on the world's banks
The Independent
IMF urges double tax hit on banks to refund taxpayers
The Telegraph
IMF warns over sovereign debtThe Independent
Post-crisis banks must refinance $5 trillionThe Times

Other news   

Brussels backs tougher US line on derivatives Financial Times
BoA most at risk of derivative suitsThe Telegraph
Tesco's bank is not going to worry the big boys yet
The Independent
LSE changes tariffs to attract tradersFinancial Times


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