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Things worth reading: 22nd April 2010

Things we're reading today include …

Most of today's news is about Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers still, although two items caught my attention particularly …

'Robin Hood' campaigners continue to fight for levy
The Independent

Where now for the "Robin Hood" tax? The IMF is not a fan of the
for a transactions levy to alleviate poverty in the third world.
However, this is an organisation whose structural adjustment programmes,
designed to get poorer countries' economies on track, have been
criticised for creating more poverty than they alleviated by the sort of
people advocating the tax.

Banking virus 'has returned'BBC

Zeus, a virus that steals online banking details from infected
computer users, is more powerful than ever, warns a web security


Visa buys Cybersource in e-commerce pushFinancial Times
Morgan Stanley bonus pool rises to $4.4bn after
better-than-expected results
The Telegraph
Morgan Stanley back to black with $1.8bn profitsThe Times
Northern Rock CFO leaves over FSA investigationThe Telegraph

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs' results Financial

Senate sends for Fabrice Tourre, the banker at heart of
Goldman ‘fraud’
The Times
Goldman's Blankfein to testify alongside traderThe Independent
Paulson & Co tells investors it was 'open'Financial Times

Lehman Brothers

SEC 'could bring' charges over Lehman The Telegraph
Lehman creditors seek E&Y documentsThe Telegraph
Fuld criticises Lehman's investigators 'distortions'
The Independent
Barclays requests Lehman filesThe Telegraph


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