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Accenture’s marketing team strikes again

After Tiger Wood’s disastrous PR with golf clubs wrapped around teeth, Accenture had to rapidly come up with a new campaign to reignite their brand.


So I arrive at Heathrow this morning and here it is:






Quantum leaps are all well and good, but my immediate thought was Quantum Analytics.

The Quants are being blamed for the failure of the world’s woes when High Frequency Trading systems sent global markets into a see-saw that went up and down faster than Paris Hilton bungee jumping.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The ridiculous downdraft of shares of consulting firm Accenture PLC, which momentarily fell to one cent in Thursday’s trading, was one of the things that really got investors’ attention.

So we decided to do a bit of digging on what happened.

Shares of the firm had been slipping from $41 at 2:30 p.m. to below $39 just before 2:48 p.m. Thursday. Then things unraveled.

The shares went from $38.05 at 2:47:43 p.m. to $32.62 when a trade of 3,780 shares was routed through NYSE Arca Exchange.Then, things got sharply worse.

At 2:47:50 p.m. a 100-share trade went through Nasdaq at $5.34. Like many of the trades previously, this one was labeled as an “Intermarket Sweep Order,” according to Thomson Reuters data.

Hmmm … methinks Accenture’s marketing team has excellence in foresight.

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