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The Finanser’s Week: 17th May – 23rd May 2010

The biggest news stories of the week include …

And our biggest stories of the week are …

The future of banking regulation

The City of London released an interesting document yesterday on the
future of regulation of banking. They talk about liquidity, leverage,
capital and risk liberally, and state that the future regulatory regime
must not clamp down on capital reserves in banking so hard that the
banks are unable to lubricate the global economy.  What I found interesting is that there are quite a few contradictions
in the 77 page report although, such as a proposal for global
regulations and then they say that global regulations will not work.

Challenges and Solutions for Banking UK

Another two interesting documents were released on Friday.  The first is an official House of Commons
Library publication: Key Issues for the New
Parliament 2010
.  the new coalition Conservacrats
published their document:
The Coalition programme for government.  Both documents place banking reform as a priority with bonuses, splitting retail and investment banking and taxing banks high on the agenda.

The euro is in danger

After Angela Merkel's comments about the "euro is in danger", I
was going to write a long and in-depth review of the state of the euro
… but I was beaten to it by Chris Blackhurst's column in the evening standard.

Managing liquidity risk in a changed and global

I received an interesting white paper the other day from Wim
Raymaekers, Head of Banking Market at SWIFT on Liquidity Risk. Here’s
the Executive Summary.

2010's most innovative financial firms

Finovate took place in San Francisco last week. It is definitely the
one place you will find the NEXT generation of banking with over
thirty-six firms presenting to a record audience of 500 industry
executives. Which four firms
were voted 'Best in Show' to be cited the most innovative financial
firms 2010?

I was having a conversation today with a firm considering entering
banking in the UK. They would be an unexpected player, as their brand is
seen to be trusted but totally unrelated to financial services. So I
sent them this article that details how non-banks could become banks and
the challenges Tesco and Virgin have faced.

Numbers: State Bank of India

I love talking to Chinese and Indian banks, just by the sheer
drama of hearing their numbers.  For example, I talked with State
Bank of India this week who have:

  • 150 million customers
  • 11 million High Net Worth customers who earn >US$10,000 per month
  • 3.5 million internet banking users

The original iPad, 1990

Nothing to do with banking, but a wander down memory lane.  Twenty
years ago I demonstrated a prototype of what you would call the very
first iPad … a 386 Intel processing Table PC!


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