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Why Spanish banks are risky

Walking around the lovely city of Santander, I was pleased to find a Santander bank branch in Santander.


Isn't it just a lovely looking branch?

Now Santander (the bank) is a bank that heavily promotes taking risks in this branch, which surprised me.

Admittedly, it's taking calculated risks but, if you look at the front of the branch, it's all about Formula 1.

Santander1 OK, they sponsor Ferrari and need to make the most of that sponsorship but, after Webber and Kovalainen's spectacular crash last week at the European Grand Prix in Valencia …


Source: BBC

… this is risky stuff.

Mind you it is calculated risk, as Webber walked away from that spin uninjured.

So do we associate Santander with risk?

Well, when you find Santander's bank branch in Santander in prime location here:


Maybe you do.

Mind you, what a great idea for the high rollers to be able to leave the Casino and immediately get another million or so to gamble.

Maybe Santander isn't so risky after all.

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