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All credit to Jane

Jane wakes to the sound of Michael Bublé on her wristband communicator (a 4G broadband videostrap).


She washes and has breakfast before skipping out of the house and onto the metro.

As she enters the station, her communicator flags to the metro system that “Jane Smith” has passed through the doors.

She reads the paper on her 3D glasses, which show a 24” screen of digital news feeds from her wristband communicators.


It looks pretty strange to non-wristband users, to see all of these people waving their hands around in front of their faces as they wear their wireless glasses and wristbands, but hey, this is the future.

Arriving at her destination, she leaves the metro and picks up a coffee and blueberry muffin from Costabucks. Her wristband transmits 2 credits to the store wirelessly.

Then down to work.

During the work day, she makes 15 video calls, 5 audio calls, 108 status updates and downloads 421 gigabytes of data. Most of the data is video newsfeeds and a few episodes of “Desperate Husbands”, the 8th season originating from the Desperate Housewives of 2004.

Her digital account records 2.25 credits for the day.

She then returns to home, with the door opening as she walks up to her apartment based upon instant recognition of her biometric heartbeat from her wristband communicator.

She gets ready for a night out and puts on the new LBD picked up at lunchtime for 40 credits.

Then it’s down to the Newbar to meet up with Emily and Chloe.

After a few quick vodka red bulls (3 credits), they catch the metro and get up to Jensons nightclub (4 credits for entry).

Upon returning home, via the metro again, her digital currency account wirelessly transmits 4 credits to the metro system to pay for her travel for the day.

Then it’s to bed, where she does a quick tally for the day:

  • 2 credits for Costabucks
  • 2.25 credits for calls and data
  • 40 credits for the new dress
  • 3 credits to the Newbar
  • 4 credits to Jensons
  • 4 credits to the metro

Total of 55.25 credits taken from her Facefeed account.

Not bad for a Friday.

Oh yea, should have said, just playing with an idea here …

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