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The Finanser’s Week: 11th October – 17th October 2010

Our biggest stories of the week are …

Zo good Zo far Zopa

We had an excellent presentation from Giles Andrews, CEO of Zopa, at the Financial Services Club this week.

The Long Now and #innotribe at #Sibos

I was going to write another big piece on a big question that we'll talk about at SIBOS this year – it's a big banking tradeshow in Amsterdam from 25-29 October as most of you know – and then got this video from Mariela at SWIFT and it says most of what I would say.

Want to know how smalltown bankers feel?

I received an email from a rather angry CEO of an American Community Bank although I think we can all empathise with this letter, particularly as these guys receive the same ire that the big Wall Street boys get from the media and public.

Five books from the Finanser

For a few years now, I’ve been a blogger and many folks who read the blog have said that it should be edited into a book, and now it is. What I didn’t realise is that the amount of stuff on this blog is humongous and so it’s not just one book but FIVE.

PSD and SEPA need stronger direction

The Financial Services Club has just released the outcome of this year's survey on the Payment Services Directive (PSD) and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), sponsored by Logica, Dovetail and Earthport. Although 85% say the PSD transposition process has been successful, over half (54%) of the respondents say that SEPA is not succeeding, compared to only 24% who think it is.

A brand new book on the PSD and SEPA

If you are unaware, a book has just been released by our good friend Ruth Wandhofer on the Payment Services Directive titled: EU Payments Integration – the Tale of SEPA, PSD and Other Milestones Along the Road.

The bear necessities

So I’m out and about in the town of London again, and the first thing I’m asked about is teddy bears. Hedge fund manager’s teddy bears to be exact. It’s all to do with the bad behaviour of one Paul Greenwood.

Last week, I attended a banking tradeshow that showcased 56 vendors in two days as the best of the best when it comes to innovation in financial services.  Here's a review of the 56 companies that presented , including the 7 winners of 'best in show'.

The major general news stories of the week include …

Norwegians convicted for outwitting trading system – Financial Times

Two Norwegians worked out how computerised system of US -based broker would react to certain trading patterns – allowing them to influence the price of low-volume stocks

Lloyds job cuts break 20,000 barrier as another 4,500 go – The Independent

Lloyds Banking Group sparked renewed fury among unions yesterday after the part-nationalised bank axed another 4,500 jobs. The Unite union said the company, which is 41 per cent state owned at a cost to Britons of £20bn, had now cut more than 20,000 jobs since the taxpayer stepped in to

London Stock Exchange – Financial Times

The race for super-fast speeds needs some steroid testing

'New regulator will fail without top-notch staff', warn finance chiefs – The Telegraph

The heads of some of the largest financial bodies in UK and Europe have warned that the new financial regulator that will supersede the Financial Services Authority (FSA) will not work unless it attracts the correct calibre of employees.

Cashless Payments in India – A Roadmap

A recent paper from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay explores why cash payments are so predominant in the Indian retail sector, in spite of the huge inroads made by payment cards in recent years. The card payments data shows that even though we have 19 million credit cards, 190

Bank bail-out 'a good investment' – BBC

A director of Lloyds banking group suggests taxpayers should be delighted with the opportunity to invest in stricken banks.

Banks 'complicit' in corruption – BBC

A Global Witness report accuses four UK banks of accepting deposits from Nigerian politicians accused of corruption.

City in uproar over new bonus rules – The Telegraph

The City of London faces one of the biggest threats to its competitiveness after the publication of new pay rules for European banks.

Investment banking: The big squeeze – The Economist

Why the industry’s best days may be behind it EVEN by its own notoriously cyclical standards, investment banking has been on a stomach-churning ride in the past five years. After an apparently golden age, with quarter after quarter of record profits, came the bursting of the debt bubble, a deluge

Senior bankers lobby global regulators to help keep Britain competitive – The Telegraph

Secret meetings held on banking pay to avoid Britain being put at a disadvantage on the world stage.


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