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Dinners discussing lending and the back office

The Financial Services Club has two events this month, that are free to attend for qualifying financial professionals.  The first is looking at how to deal with back office peaks and troughs.  The second focuses upon the state of Britain’s lending markets.

Thursday 11th November 2010

Dealing with Back Office Peaks and Troughs

The ISA season illustrates this issue well, as it is an annual nightmare.  Few organisations can predict the volume of applications and resources required to administer the last minute rush. In order to address this, the Financial Services Club is delighted to announce an evening focused upon how to deal with sudden large volume processing requirements, such as the ISA season, and the issues this presents. We have gathered prestigious panel to discuss this, including:

  • Ed Dymott, Associate Director, Commercial & Strategy at Fidelity International;
  • Stephen Mohan, Managing Director for Operational Services with Cofunds Limited;
  • Richard Davies, Senior Savings Manager from Lloyds TSB;
  • Peter Tyler, Director of the British Bankers’ Association; and
  • Carol Knight, Head of Member Services with the Tax Incentivised Savings Association.

To register, just enter your details at: Dinner Guest

Thursday 25th November

The State of Lending in Britain’s Banks

Lending is a continual dialogue today, with the media and businesses saying that banks aren’t lending enough whilst banks are lending, but with tighter credit criteria than ever before. Within all of this, the question has not been asked or properly debated as to how banks manage their lending processes and how these have to change with the choppy market conditions we face. How easy is it to change your credit criteria on the fly? Can you manage your lending operations in real-time?

The challenges will be the focus of our evening, with a prestigious panel gathered before dinner to debate these issues. The panel is confirmed to include:

  • Mark Thundercliffe, Head of Retail Credit Risk with HSBC;
  • Samuel Dale, Editor, Mortgage Strategy; and
  • Peter Matza, Head of Publishing with the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

To register, just enter your details at: Dinner Guest

Both meetings take place at Lloyd’s of London, One Lime Street, London EC3M 7HA from 6.00 pm, with dinner served after the debate.


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Chris M Skinner

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