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The Finanser’s Week: 1st November – 7th November 2010


Our biggest stories of the week are …

Dinners discussing lending and the back office

The Financial Services Club has two events this month, that are free to attend for qualifying financial professionals.  The first is looking at how to deal with back office peaks and troughs.  The second focuses upon the state of Britain's lending markets.

Stop banker bashing and start the banker reformation

So this morning RBS and HSBC announced their quarterly outlook, with Lloyds doing so earlier in the week and Barclays to follow next Tuesday.  In looking at these announcements, I started writing down the challenges these banks face and was surprised to find how long the list became.  Here are the headlines …

Not bashing bankers' bonuses but bankers' bonuses bashed

Bloomberg released the latest news on bankers' bonuses this morning, and here's the league table.

The biggest banks by assets

Here is the City has done a nice job of crunching some data to come up with a list of the biggest banks in the world by assets under management as at 31st October 2010.

So yesterday was an outsourcing day at a conference focused upon technology and information security, with lots of discussions about identity, secure email, information storage and data security best practices.  The big topic was where to find cloud computing's erogenous zone however.

The elephant in the room

I love that phrase: “the elephant in the room”. It just conjures up this image of everyone sitting and not realising there’s a great big grey beast with a trunk sitting behind their chair. So what is the elephant of the banking industry today?

There is a Divide between those globally connected and those not.  Globals versus Locals. It's a Distance Divide.And it is a key for future customer relationships for banks.

The Long Blog about the Long Now

Much of last week was focused on the Long Now and Long Finance for me. Working with a group of thought leaders that included Venessa Miemis, Thierry Touchais, John Hagel, Stefan Nusser, Michael Mainelli, Paul Saffo, Bruce Davis, Brett King, Nova Spivack and more, we debated big topic items all week.  And yes, there were some conclusions too.

#futureofmoney video #2

Gabriel Shalom, who made the fantastic future of money film with Venessa Meimis, just sent me his videoblog from SIBOS.   It's fantastic too, so here it is:


The major general news stories of the week include …

António Horta-Osório may view overseas as the place to expand Lloyds – The Telegraph

It was a happy chairman of Lloyds Banking Group yesterday who announced the appointment of Antonio Horta-Osório as the bank's new chief executive.

Emilio Botín puts daughter Ana Patricia Botín in charge of Santander UK – The Telegraph

While Lloyds was celebrating hiring Santander UK's chief, the Spanish bank did not take long to find his successor – the chairman's daugher, Ana Patricia Botín.

Scrapping cheques will have 'major ramifications' on elderly, MPs told – The Telegraph

Millions of people still use the payment method every day and scrapping its use would hit small businesses, the elderly and blind people the hardest.

Reflections on Sibos 2010 – Payments News

Glenbrook's Erin McCune is just back from Sibos 2010 conference, the annual international banking conference sponsored by SWIFT, and has posted her thoughts and observations on the state of the banking industry on our sister website, Payments Views. Erin gave a well-received talk on The Future of Business Payments.

Two held over insider trading – The Independent

Two people have been arrested in London on suspicion of insider trading after investigators raided two addresses in the UK and one in Germany.

Regulators outline banking blueprint – Financial Times

Global regulators have laid out their blueprint for how the world's national bank supervisors should deal with "systemically important financial institutions", outlining ahead of next week's G20 summit the added powers they consider essential to help prevent another financial crisis

European Payments Council Marks Progress Towards SEPA And Calls On EU Lawmakers To Set Regulatory Migration Dates – Payments News

The European Payments Council (EPC) has announced updated and enhanced versions of the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) Scheme Rulebook and the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Scheme Rulebooks. November 1, 2010 marks an important target date for SEPA, as all banks in the euro area are now reachable for cross-border SEPA

Northern Rock chief Gary Hoffman tipped to depart next week – The Telegraph

Nationalised bank Northern Rock could see Gary Hoffman, its chief executive, leave as early as next week as speculation grows that he is in line to take the top job at one of the UK's most high-profile new banking start-ups.

Irish, Spanish Banks Can't Kick ECB Habit – Business Week

Greek, Irish and Spanish banks are falling behind their counterparts across Europe in reducing their dependence on emergency central bank funding because they can’t find investors willing to buy their bonds.

Royal Bank of Scotland hires bonus row banker – The Telegraph

New head of corporate finance, John McIntyre, sued Commerzbank for £2m over payout.


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