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The Finanser’s Week: 20th December 2010 – 9th January 2011


Our biggest stories of the week are …

A few predictions for 2111 …

Welcome to 2011 and I hope you all had a lovely, jubbly holiday. And so back to work and we'll spend most of this week forecasting the next year, but first look forward 100 years to 2111, as I promised to do that recently …

2011: The Banking Year Ahead

The Banking Year Ahead. Sounds like some sort of swear word but no, it’s all to do with predictions time. What are the big events of 2011 going to be? In banking, the key developments will be …

Six key technology developments for banks in 2011

Looking at technology specifically in financial services, there are many that are being cited as hot for 2011: the creation of new retail payments structures, as Apple and Google get into mobile payment wallets and PayPal and Facebook push credits to the extreme; the maturing usage of internet and mobile television, as …

2010 in Review: Retail Banking

So this week I thought it worth posting a few reflections on 2010, the year that was, and begin with some thoughts on retail banking (tomorrow will be payments and Wednesday, capital markets). Surprisingly, the biggest change in retail banking is …

2010 in Review: Payments and Transaction Banking

So, there are a lot of things we’re juggling around with in the payments arena, from real-time to TARGET2 to SEPA to SWIFT ISO20022 to mobile to contactless to biometrics and more.

2010 Review: Capital Markets

Investment banking has had a rocky year all year. Pilloried by politics, public and the media, the investment banker is currently about as popular as a Vampire at a Blood Bank … not a bad analogy as the refrain all year has been about that giant Vampire Squid that is known as Goldman Sachs.

Look back in wonder: 50 years of magic

So I’m having lunch with a mate and half way through the conversation am hit with an epiphany. It is clear that year by year technology is changing banking, but it is only when you look decade by decade that you realise by how much …

50 years of magic in video 

Just as I post a nostalgic review of fifty years of tech developmetns, along comes a video that says it all about where we are today.

Weird Marketing 

If you thought Lloyds Bank's ads were a bit weird and wacky, have a look at this one from Umpqua Bank …

Inspiration for #Wikileaks DDoS hive 

I was following the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Visa, MasterCard and PayPal closely during the supporters campaign to target those financial firms who had cut any ties with Wikileaks. The group amalgamated under a twitter hashtag #operationpayback, and posted a variety of notes about who to target when and how …


The major general news stories of the week include …

Bankers claim London's advantages outweigh 50pc tax – The Telegraph

London has received a ringing endorsement as Europe's financial capital by two dozen former investment bankers behind Haymarket Financial, a €1bn (£830m) corporate lending start-up basing itself in the city.

Citibank boss cleared over 'scam' – BBC

Citigroup boss Vikram Pandit and other top executives cannot be held responsible for an alleged scam at an Indian branch of the bank, police say.

Lord Lawson baffled by bank auditors – Financial Times

In the wake of the banking crisis, regulators are looking to auditors to provide intelligence of problems that might arise. Lord Lawson is baffled why this did not happen before the meltdown

Facebook coup to hand Goldman float role – The Telegraph

Goldman Sachs is reported to have invested $450m (£290m) in Facebook, a deal that values the social networking site at $50bn and is likely to hand the bank a major role in its potential float.

Facebook move lucrative for Goldman – Financial Times

Goldman Sachs stands to earn money from multiple sources over the life of its $375m investment in Facebook thanks to an artfully structured deal likely to reignite controversy over the way banks invest their own funds.

Italian Banks Battle Cash as Consumers Spurn Plastic – Business Week

The Italian Banking Association has declared a "war on cash" in a country where credit-card usage is less than half the EU average

Mobile Payments in 2011 – Payments News

Looks like Mobile Payments will be a big theme in 2011: BusinessWeek: CEO Guide to Mobile Payments Mobile Commerce Daily: Mobile Wallet Will Take Huge Strides Forward in 2011 (featuring Zenius Solutions) Fortune: Google to power your mobile wallet? BusinessWeek: Wells Fargo to Employees: Leave Wallets Home, Pay by Phone

Banks plead for guidance on bonuses set to total £7bn – The Telegraph

Senior bankers have asked the Government for immediate guidance on how, and at what level, year-end bonuses can be paid amid growing confusion about increasing layers of regulation overlaying compensation in the financial services sector.

Estonia becomes latest euro state – BBC

Estonia becomes the 17th member of the eurozone – the first former Soviet republic to adopt the EU's single currency.

Euro stands just 20pc chance of survival in next decade – The Telegraph

The euro is unlikely to survive in current form for next decade, says a top economic think tank.


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