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The Finanser’s Week: 25th July – 31st July 2011

Our biggest stories of the week are …

Delivering stellar service in banking

I keep thinking about stellar service and what it could mean. Very rarely do you experience stellar service these days. With airlines, it’s a pain to fly. The airport experience is degrading and the flight itself is no longer exceptional,…

Too Big To Fail or Too Small To Succeed 

We talk all the time about too big to fail, alternatively known as TBTF or 2B2F, but is there another side to this equation of the GFS (Global Financial Crisis) which could be called TSTS or 2S2S? TSTS is Too Small To Succeed …

Alipay: innovation in banking is a good thing 

Going back to my discussions in Asia last week, I am intrigued by the results of the interactive voting we performed. I asked a number of questions last week, and have already blogged about one of them: Do you agree…

Totally immersive experiential marketing 

Nothing to do with banking … or is it? … but I’m loving a new social media experiment being staged by Intel and Toshiba this week. They’ve hired D. J. Caruso, the Director of Disturbia, to make a social horror…

In the bleak mid-summer 

It seems like a long bleak summer in the financial markets, as banks are reporting dire results. It’s a combination of investment banking in the second quarter suffering serious damage across all fixed income desks, along with the Eurozone and…

The major general news stories of the week include … 

2011 is the year that banks start to suffer - The Telegraph

Who said things haven't changed for bankers?

The clock is ticking against UK bank jobs - The Telegraph

Thousands of job losses in the banking sector is probably not what George Osborne meant when he started talking about rebalancing the British economy.

Vince Cable attacks 'rip-off' culture of banks - The Telegraph

Britain's biggest banks "rip off" their customers in order to make "excess profits", according to Vince Cable, who yesterday launched a scathing attack on lenders less than two months ahead of the publication of a crucial industry report.

Andrew Tyrie: one politician who gets why banks matter - The Telegraph

Rejoice! Rejoice! After much hunting high and low for that most elusive of beasts, a politician who is thinking long term about the City, I am delighted to announce that I have found one. Step forward the rarer spotted Andrew Tyrie MP.

Consumers Made $72 Billion More in Credit Card Payments Than Purchases - Payments News

A new TransUnion analysis has found that consumers made an estimated $72 billion more in payments on their credit cards than purchases between the first quarters of 2009 and 2010. "Many people in the financial services industry believe charge-offs have been the leading factor in declining credit card debt since

Pay attention 007 - BBC

Biometric security is no longer just for spies

How the UK's coins are made – and what they are made of - The Telegraph

The Royal Mint saw pre-tax profits fall by more than £1m despite higher metal prices boosting revenue. Here, we look at what it takes to make a coin in the UK.

'Only two bids for Lloyds branches' - The Independent

Lloyds Banking Group has received only two bids for the 632 branches it has put up for sale, which could force it to demerge them instead, it was reported today.

Pizza Express founder makes bid for Lloyds bank branches - The Independent

Hugh Osmond, the insurance sector investor and founder of Pizza Express, has emerged as the third bidder for 632 branches that Lloyds Banking Group is being forced to sell to comply with EU regulations on state aid.

ING: disposal is not a bad deal - Financial Times

It's no fun being a forced seller. But Dutch bancassurance group ING makes the best of a tough mandate


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