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The Finanser’s Week: 12th December – 18th December 2011

Our biggest stories of the week are …

How The City Developed, Part Five: The Stuarts

After the Tudors, England went through a period of massive turmoil under the new Royal Household of the Stuarts.  Throughout the 17th Century, the Royal Household (the Crown) and Government (Parliament) were at war, both figuratively and literally.

How The City Developed, Part Six: The Bank of England

Following the disaster of Charles II’s spending under the Stuarts, the newly reformed operations were stabilised under the new monarch, King William III. Realising that his purse was haemorrhaging and that he couldn’t do the same as Charles, as in…

How The City Developed, Part Seven: Lloyd's of London

Alongside the founding of the Bank of England, the making of London as the City of Finance can be traced to two other key developments that occurred at the same time: the opening of an insurance centre and a stock…

How The City Developed, Part Eight: the London Stock Exchange

As mentioned, three core financial service businesses began at the same time at the end of the seventeenth century: the Bank of England in 1694; Lloyd’s Coffee House in 1688; and the London Stock Exchange in 1698. The Stock Exchange…

How The City Developed, Part Nine: The 1700s

By the early 1700s, London had established the basic mechanisms of modern finance – acentral bank with the ability to stabilise monetary policy; a stock exchange to enable financing of industry and commerce; and an insurance marketplace to cover risks in business.

Banker commits murder and gets away with it

A year ago, the FSA issued a short 298-word statement saying that after an extensive 17 month investigation into the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), no action would be taken against Sir Fred Goodwin or others. There…

The major general news stories of the week include 

Survey Says Banks Plan to Expand in Mobile, but Remain Split on NFC – Payments News
Fiserv announced the results of a survey of the mobile banking and payment plans of top-tier financial institutions. The in-depth survey, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Fiserv in September 2011, evaluated the plans of 10 banks and credit unions that in total hold more than one-third of all

Top economists reveal their graphs of 2011 – BBC
Economists reveal graphs that had biggest impact on them this year

Eurozone banking system on the edge of collapse – The Telegraph
The eurozone banking system is on the edge of collapse as major lenders begin to run out of the assets they need to keep vital funding lines open.

Sarkozy: Now clearly two Europes – BBC
French President Nicolas Sarkozy says there are now clearly two Europes following last week's summit in which the UK vetoed EU treaty changes.

Is the City worse off after veto? – BBC
Has Cameron's veto helped the City?

Germany's Hidden Risk – Business Week
The Bundesbank has quietly lent half a trillion euros to the European Central Bank. Could that determine the fate of the euro?

Panic fuels Latvian run on bank – BBC
More than 10,000 Latvians withdraw deposits from Swedish-owned Swedbank after rumours the firm is in financial difficulty.

Watchdog's verdict could put Sir Fred Goodwin in the dock – The Telegraph
Sir Fred Goodwin could finally face criminal charges after the regulator's report into the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has suggested that the bank's directors broke Britain's accountancy laws.

RBS investigation: who's who – The Telegraph
Here is a detailed list of all those metioned in our in-depth investigation into the collapse of RBS, from the bank, its adivers, the government to rival bidders for ABN Amro.

Lloyds chief executive Horta-Osorio to return to work as bank sells 632 branches to Co-op – The Telegraph
Antonio Horta-Osorio will return to the helm of Lloyds next month after making a "full recovery" from extreme fatigue the bank said as it announced the sale of 632 branches to the Co-Op.


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