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The Top Ten Finanser Posts of 2011

Here are the Top 10 blog posts of the year.  It gives a pretty good idea of what's hot in banking 2011 I think … Happy New Year, and lots more on banking in 2012 from next Tuesday.

The Top 20 Banks of the World, 2011: China hits the Big Time

I’ve enjoyed the Banker’s Top 1000 listings for a long time now and, when last year’s listings came out, looked back over the last twenty years to see how things had changed. This year’s list has now just been published…

Cloud Computing in Banking, the Big Debate

Gartner estimate cloud computing will grow from a market worth $36 billion in 2009 to over $160 billion by 2015, with around a fifth of all firms relying on the cloud for significant parts of their technology operations by 2012….

Six key technology developments for banks in 2011

Looking at technology specifically in financial services, there are many that are being cited as hot for 2011: the creation of new retail payments structures, as Apple and Google get into mobile payment wallets and PayPal and Facebook push credits to the extreme; the maturing usage of internet and mobile television, as …

HSBC stumble with Secure Key 

HSBC have just hit the headlines as they’ve launched an additional layer of internet security, in th form of a calculator terminal called ‘secure key’. The calculator is small enough to attach to a key fob, and generates a random …

Is Sir Fred Goodwin's personal life in the public interest?

It's hot news right now that Sir Fred Goodwin, the former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has filed a super-injunction to stop details coming out about his personal life in the press.  The issue now is that everyone wants the super-injunction removed, with MPs threatening to make public and leak to the press anyway. What could be so personal?

Now it's an eyePhone

Talking about iris recognition and passwords recently, I got a note from Spanish Bank, Bankinter, which has just launched an app that identifies clients through iris recognition on the phone. The way it works is that customers access their brokerage…

Why banks should worry about Google, Apple, Facebook …

I've talked for a while about: money being meaningless, as data is now key; the battle over information, and how information warfare is the new game; the fact that banks should move from being safekeepers of money to being safekeepers of data … all of this leads to a conclusion that those who are good with data will win.  And who's good with data?  Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.  What does that mean for banks?

Banking in 2020

I’ve been asked recently to think about banking in 2020. That’s ten years away and, if we cast our memories back ten years, it’s quite a leap. Ten years ago, we had lots of themes bubbling away including customer-centricity, technological…

Mobile banking and PFM is so last decade

Another conference focused upon financial innovation today, and all the talk is about mobile stuff, Google Wallets, mobile stuff, Banksimple, mobile stuff and Movenbank. I’m regularly stressing today that we must:: stop talking about mobile; and talk about the point-of-life….

Are payments infrastructures fit for purpose?

During the spring, we reached out and asked readers to provide their views about the world's largest payments infrastructures and whether they are fit for the purpose they are being used for.  Today, we released the results ….


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