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The Finanser’s Week: 6th February – 12th February 2012

Our biggest stories of the week are …

£ $ € ¥ …元/圆: the Rise of Renminbi

We have a continual dialogue about Renminbi (RMB), or Chinese Yuan (CNY) if you prefer.  What’s the difference?  Well, Remnimbi is the proper term for the Chinese currency, as is referring to UK currency as the Pound Sterling and the American currency as the Dollar; whilst Yuan is …

There are regular discussions at the Financial Services Club, conferences and meetings about the cashless, branchless future. Visa and MasterCard are huge advocates of a war on cash, as are the mobile wallet providers. Brett King and the Bank 2.0…

I had a revelation when being shown a presentation from one of the Personal Financial Management (PFM) solutions firms yesterday. It was when we were talking about how consumers use PFM for peer comparison purposes. If you’re unfamiliar with such…

I delivered a presentation at the Association of Corporate Treasurer’s (ACT) conference on the relationship between corporate treasurer’s and their bank advisor called: Corporate-to-Bank Relationships: Brilliant or Broken? View more presentations from Chris Skinner. The ACT used the title of… 
I presented a keynote at the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) conference in London the other day … … and it was interesting. Various discussions about all sorts of things you would expect – FX Hedging, Eurozone exposures, Basel III,…

The major general news stories of the week include 

Traders fired, suspended over LIBOR probe: FT – Reuters
(Reuters) – More than a dozen traders and brokers in London and Asia have been fired, suspended or put on leave by their employers as part of a probe into the alleged manipulation of global lending rates, the Financial Times reported.

Misys CEO to leave after Temenos merger – The Independent
Misys has reached an agreement in principle to merge with its Swiss rival, Temenos, in a deal that will create one of the world's largest financial software businesses.

Euro 'could survive Greece exit' – BBC
Pressure is rising as Greece's government once more postpones a crucial meeting and Europe's leaders openly discuss Greece leaving the euro.


Almost 1,000 more jobs to go at Lloyds bank – The Independent
Lloyds Banking Group today announced plans to axe almost 1,000 jobs and close three offices in a "devastating" blow to workers.

Bristol launches its own currency – BBC
Keeping it within the local economy

Clydesdale Bank owner could sell – BBC
The Australian owner of the Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank is looking for options to sell or radically reform the businesses.

Tesco delays launch of current accounts – The Independent
Banking customers hoping to open a current account with Tesco will have to wait until next year after its launch was delayed, it was reported today.

Unions says end to tax relief on bonuses will save £1.7bn – The Telegraph
Union leaders have stepped up their attack on bankers' bonuses by claiming that changes to the tax system could raise £1.7bn a year.

Bankers – stop hiding and get out and fight – The Telegraph
Admiral John Byng went down in history as a man executed for a crime he did not commit. A commander of the British fleet sent to protect the garrison on Menorca in 1756, inadequate ships and equipment from previous regimes meant that Admiral Byng never had a chance when the …


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