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Toxic Debt or Credit Crunch: the App

I was just alerted to a new game app for the iPad and iPhone on the iTunes store.

It’s called Toxic Debt or Credit Crunch”.


I downloaded the app and started playing it just to make sure it’s real.

The game opened with the story detail:

Planet Shred was once the finance capital of the galactic empire Holyrood until the banking mogul Sir Derf stripped it of all resources.  With banks riddles with toxic debt, Derf ignored all signs fo the CREDIT CRUNCH.

Bailey has just beamed onto Shred from off world as he wants to find Derf’s secret vault containing the security codes that will stop Derf’s disastrous expansions into B.N.ORMA.

If Bailey is successful he will stop the spread of toxic debt, dethrone Derf and prevent inter galactic financial ruin.


There is then a choice of three game types.

In ‘Stop Derf’ you must save planet Shred and the finance capital Holyrood from Toxic Debt by defeating Sir Derf Goodwin.

Fighting your way past the Hornby Lizard guards you must find Derf’s hidden vault and get to his plans for expansion into B.N.ORMA. Success will prevent a disastrous Credit Crunch.

If you win, Derf will be stripped of his knighthood.

In other game types you can practice your shooting in target practice mode or fight off the hordes of Hornby Lizards and rack up points as you battle your way to the various flag objectives.


The only shame of the matter is that the game is a bit too challenging as, on the iPhone, it is pretty hard to follow so I'd recommend getting the iPad version.

But feel free to download it if you enjoy donating $1.99 (£1.49) towards feeling some sense of beating up Fred Goodwin (no longer Sir Fred) over his disastrous RBS expansion into ABN AMRO, whilst fighting off Andy Hornby (former CEO of HBOS).


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