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The Finanser’s Week: 16th July – 22nd July 2012

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

What's banking got to do with the Price of Fish?

Professor Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris (see bio's at end of blog entry) are regular guests of the Financial Services Club, and were invited back to close the London season of meetings with an engaging discussion about the Price of…

The UK bank crisis has cost at least £5 billion … so far

I just got a press release from HM Treasury which makes for interesting reading …

The greatest minds want to avoid Earth's destruction – do you?

As recently mentioned, I attended the Re|source 2012 conference at Oxford University last week. it was a meeting of the leaders from politics and banking including the Rothschild financial family, David Attenborough, Chris Patten, Jonathan Dimbleby, Peter Mandleson, Will Hutton and more …

Banks decide whether we have a healthy or unhealthy planet

 Sir David King provided a good summary of the two day Re|Source 2012 conference, covering all of the issues these global leaders are facing from a population explosion to the fact that food, water and general earth resources are finite and will …

Bill Clinton: "Being pessimistic is dumb"

And so to my final blog piece about Re|source 2012: Bill Clinton’s speech. Source: Getty Images What can you say about the man, the legend? The man who has felt more knicker elastic than Marks & Spencer’s head of underwear…

Clinton: the official version

For those who are really into the information I've been writing about sustainability and resource management for the future from Re|source 2012, here's the official write-up of Bill Clinton's speech.

Get ready for Facebook banking

There’s a buzz that’s started about Facebook banking as Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ICICI Bank get into Facebook banking apps, with Citibank fast to follow. What’s going on? Originally, we all though Facebook would take over bank functions through stealth…


The major general news stories of the past week include 

How big could the Libor scandal get? - BBC

How big could the Libor scandal get?

Libor emails reveal cosy relationship between Tucker and Diamond – The Telegraph
The cosy relationship between Paul Tucker, the Bank of England's deputy governor, and former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond has been exposed by private emails between the pair.

Libor scandal: emails released ahead of Treasury Select Committee hearing – in full – The Telegraph
New emails between deputy Bank of England governor Paul Tucker and former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond have been described as "explosive" by Labour MP John Mann. Here are the emails in full.

Libor scandal: how the events have unfolded – The Telegraph
We take a look at the key events of the last month in the Libor scandal.

Bob did tell me to fix the rate, says Diamond's right-hand man – The Independent
The Barclays executive at the centre of the Libor interest rate-fixing scandal last night said he had only passed on "instructions" from a conversation he had with his then boss Bob Diamond.

Cheques: Payments Council curbed - BBC

The Payments Council will lose its power to govern the payments processes underpinning the UK banking system.

'Old' or 'new' fashioned, people want a different approach to banking - The Telegraph
Let's start with a home truth – banking in Britain is not broken. The reputations of some of its biggest players might lie in tatters, but there are others who are quietly working their way to health and prosperity.

Co-op poised to buy 630 Lloyds branches in '£800m' deal – The Telegraph
Lloyds Banking Group, which is 40pc owned by the UK taxpayer, has agreed to sell 630 branches to the Co-operative for around £800m, almost £700m less than had been originally hoped.

Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit: It's about getting back to the basics of banking – The Telegraph
In a rare interview, Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit tells the Sunday Telegraph how he plans to change the culture at the US giant.

Banking industry in new row over paid for current accounts – The Telegraph
Britain's banking industry is facing fresh questions over the way it operates with new figures showing a major rise in the number of people paying ever increasing fees for their bank accounts.



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