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Welcome to SIBOS 2012

So here we are, a few of us anyway, at SIBOS 2012 in Osaka, Japan.

Blog Welcome

Having faced a lengthy and, for some, gruelling journey of
24 hours or more, the welcome greeting you find at the INTEX Centre is second
to none.

Blog weclome2

But then you get into the spirit of things, and my spirit is
obviously second to none too.


I’m actually here as I’m one the two anchors – I SAID “ANCHOR”
– at the innotribe stream.

This is something I've been looking forward to, as agitator in residence, although I was a bit suprised that innotribe
appeared to be much smaller this year, appearing inside a small container
vessel offloaded from a Chinese container ship.

Blog Innotribe

But then I discovered the Chinese had withdrawn from this
year’s SIBOS
 due to some argument with Japan about Ireland – must be that European sovereign
debt thing.

A jolly good thing as the Japanese had all gathered and enabled innotribe to be more
successful through collaborative thinking.

Blog innotribe collaboration

Must be something wired about this place.

Anyways, as I wander around, I find lots of things are to my
liking.  The only thing to my disliking
is the fact that no-one here speaks any language other than Japanese.

Sure, there are some English translations, but most are lost
in translation.

Blog Credid card

This is the only reason I can think of that would explain
why Microsoft’s massive launch of Windows 8 has just gone down the toilet …

Blog Microsoft

I should say that I merely refer to Microsoft's stand this year being located next ot the toilets, and nothing about the company's quality of products or services.

Ah well, whether Japan loses something
in the translation of the latest banking issues remains to be seen.  All I can say is that I’m staying next to a
hotel that is lovely, but designed for this country’s ageing population.

Blog OAP Plaza

[see note if confused]

Having said that, I may soon be following
them based upon the amount of walking, talking and frustration I’ve experienced
so far in getting to SIBOS 2012.  Trust
you’ve all fared better.

Now, off to see the show.

See ya later …


[Note: OAP = Old Age Pensioner in the UK, a classification for Over 65's only]


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  • Jerry

    I believe China and Japan are arguing about “islands” and not “Ireland” as you state above – specifically the Senkaku / Diaoyu islands. The Chinese takeover of Ireland is not scheduled for another decade a least.

  • Chris Skinner

    Hey Jerry, we have a thing in Britain called ‘tongue in cheek’. This is an example.