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TFI Friday … the funniest bank ads

It’s Friday so it’s fun day.

Just browsing around for a few amuse
and found these adverts for various banks around the world.

This is partly because of the post I made about Japan’s banking adverts, which inspired a few readers to send in their

This one is from Korea’s Shinhan Bank for
example …

Sure, it’s different but it’s not
exceptionally bad or funny.

Unlike this Polish advert for PKO Bank
Polski …

That is seriously bad and a little bit

This one from the same country for Dom Bank
is seriously funny and bad however …

Sex seems to crop up quite a lot in these
ads.  Take this one for example.  It’s not for the typical bank …

Oh yeuch!

Not my cup of tea at all.

In fact, maybe it should be banned … like
this commercial for MasterCard was …

Aww, shame. 
He only wants to rock ‘n’ roll.

If you didn't notice, that ad also starred Slash of Guns and Roses, which brings us around to celebs. 

There are lots of celeb ads for banks, but
the one that wins my award for Best Use
Of A Celebrity Appearance In A Bank Advert
is this one for DNB Nor, Norway

Swoon, swoon.

On that note, enough said.

Oh, apart from maybe a final bank ad that I’ve
used before, but it’s may all time favourite.

Thank you to Krung Thai Bank.

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