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The Finanser’s Week: 17th December – 23rd December 2012

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

Greetings 2012

It's holiday time!
The Finanser is now off on holidays until January 3rd, and wishes all of our
readers the very best for the holiday season. Thinking about 2013, here's our
message for the New Year …

Skinner's 2012 predictions right?

At the start of the
year, I always make a few predictions about what will happen in the following
year. Watch this blog in January for 2013’s predictions. But what were the
predictions for 2012? Well Economically, I made the…

little to celebrate in the City

As we’re in the
final countdown to the end of year celebrations, it’s a good moment to reflect
on what’s happened in 2012 in banking. If 2010, the mantra was all about
banker’s bonuses, bank governance and bank risk; and…

the hot money went into America

So what’s the year
been like from an investment view? Hmmm, well at the start of the year everyone
said invest in America and, looking at the returns from the US markets, they
may well have been right: Closing prices…

Technologies create the Perfect Storm

The #1 buzz phrase
that everyone has grown to hate (especially Ron Shevlin) is Big Data. Sure, you
may hate it, but it is still pretty important, as I blogged a wee while ago. A
second area that has become…


The major general news stories of the past week include …  

'sacked for being too successful' could be in line for £11?million payout

– The Telegraph
A banker who claimed that he was dismissed for being "too successful"
could be awarded an £11?million payout after winning a five-year battle against
his former employer.

Libor emails: 'I'll pay you $50,000, $100,000 … whatever you want' to rig
rate, trader told broker
– The Telegraph
UBS traders conspired with brokers to manipulate Libor and discussed their
efforts in a series of emails revealed in the Financial Services Authority's
final notice to the Swiss bank.

– Financial Times
What is the London interbank offered rate and how did things go wrong? An explanation
of Libor and its role in the banking system

in charts: The long road to recovery
– Economist
The Economist's year in nine charts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 …

Sants' £3m pay package is a mistake, warns Lord Myners
– The Telegraph
Barclays has "made a big mistake" in offering its new compliance
officer, Hector Sants, a pay package reportedly worth as much as £3m, Lord
Myners has warned.

to payout £10m to customers
– The Telegraph
Banks to repay customers who forgot to take money from cash machine.

could revolutionise lending, says Andrew Haldane
– The Telegraph
New sources of finance such as crowdfunding could challenge the dominance of
major banks, according to a Bank of England senior director.

fears over packaged bank accounts
– The Independent
The "no win, no fee" industry is gearing up for a new year assault on
Britain's banks over the sale of packaged bank accounts.

to Britain – plastic banknotes
– The Telegraph
The Bank of England is preparing to introduce plastic banknotes as part of its
new £1bn tender to produce sterling from as early as 2015.

lending boom could make banks obsolete
– The Independent
The days of the banking middlemen may be numbered as a technological revolution
in business lending shakes the dominance of the UK's biggest banks, a senior
director of the Bank of England has said.


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