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The Finanser’s Week: 1st January to 13th January 2013

Our biggest stories of the past week are …

Big Bank Resolutions

Trust y’all had a
super break and then suddenly here we are in 2013.  So, in the spirit of
2013, here are the New Year’s Resolutions of five big bank CEO’s:

Ten wild predictions for 2013

Next week, I’ll get
back to being Mr. Boring Banking Blogger, and will focus upon the economic,
financial and technological trends for 2013, as per my usual start to the year.  For today, I’m going to make ten mad predictions for 2013. Let’s see if any
of these come true.

2013: an Economic Outlook

OK, OK, it’s time to
get down to the real business of blogging, banking and bonuses. As per my usual
form, here are four specific forecasts for the economic movements of 2013: The
USA is a solid rock (but) South…

2013: Five Key Banking Bets

After discussing the
economic backdrop, with a hot South America countering a consumerising Asia,
it’s time to move on to looking specifically at the banking outlook, which is
grim. Or is it? Obviously there’s a major flow of regulatory change…

2013: The Technology Landscape

2012 didn’t really
see any new technology outcomes. I look around the house today and see an iPad,
iPhone and other things, but nothing essentially radically new from 2012 that’s
big and different. But something is about to happen that…

In deep waters

Back to reality and
what’s happening in the world today. I received a bunch of stats and facts from
one of my readers last week lookiing at public (governmental) debt across
various countries and geographies, and comparing internal debt (money…

LIBOR fixing – the timeline

It’s the end of the
first week of January and we want to end on an upbeat note. So what do we get
as this morning’s headlines? A whole heap of dross about LIBOR, a sprinkling of
stuff about mis-selling…

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The major general news stories of the past week include …  

tailor, soldier… and a central banker
– The Telegraph
The Treasury's cloak-and-dagger interviews are hardly an advert for open
government, says Sue Cameron

Stanley to slash 1,600 staff
– The Telegraph
The City of London is bracing for fresh job cuts after Morgan Stanley became
the first investment bank to swing the axe this year.

in computer-driven funds shaken as top trader suffers loss
– The
David Harding, the Cambridge physicist turned super computer trader, has some
explaining to do to his extremely wealthy clients after recording a rare plunge
in the value of his fund.

in £35m HBOS loans probe
Eight people are charged in connection with business loans worth £35m made
through a branch of HBOS in Reading.

Totnes retailing revolution
Is Totnes the way forward for the High Street?

Is US trillion dollar coin 'nuts'?
A campaign is gathering pace on the American left to mint a single platinum
coin and assign it a face value of a thousand billion dollars as a way of
resolving the impending row over the US debt ceiling.

'tenacity' lifts economy out of crisis
How did Iceland bring about its remarkable recovery?

bad language can catch financial rogues
– Financial Times
More than 3,000 key words and phrases used in emails among employees engaged in
wrongdoing have been identified via anti-fraud technology

win victory over new Basel liquidity rules
– The Independent
The heads of the world's top regulators and central banks yesterday approved
plans to require banks to hold significantly higher levels of liquid assets in
order to reduce the chances of a repeat of the 2008-09 financial crisis. But in
an apparent response to financial sector lobbying, they also relaxed

Doom scenario far-fetched but euro gloom to deepen
– Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) – It would be fair to say that U.S. hedge-fund manager Kyle
Bass does not expect the explosion in global debt in recent years to turn out


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